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Mediation, Collaborative Divorce & ADR PROCESSES

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Resolving Family Law Disputes without Litigation

At the Mediation and Collaborative Law Offices of Rosemarie McElhaney, located in Anaheim Hills and Tustin, I work with couples who want to resolve divorce and family law matters through means other than litigation. These clients realize that opting for Alternative Dispute Resolution provides a unique opportunity to shield the family from potential devastation while consciously sowing the seeds of present and future healing for all. In my opinion, all Alternative Dispute Resolution processes such as mediation or collaboration are superior where the case is appropriate and where the model is used as intended. Contact my offices to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about your divorce options.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation distinguishes itself from other divorce processes in that neither party is represented by an attorney. Instead, as a Mediator, I function as a third party neutral, facilitating the process, facilitating the communication, brainstorming options and helping the parties construct their own agreements. I do not offer legal advise but I will inform you of the relevant law, the possible outcomes in a court setting and may suggest options for your consideration. I will encourage you and your spouse to create a settlement that is mutually acceptable.

Agreements reached will be reduced to writing and filed with the Court. As with other Alternative Dispute Resolution options, the power remains with the parties and their efforts will most offen result in stronger, more stable agreements.

Although you are not represented by counsel in the Mediation process, I encourage you to seriously consider this model to resolve the divorce transition and the family law issues that will arise in the course of reaching settlement. In my opinion, mediation is a superior process if used as intended

The Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative Divorce may or may not consist of a team model which is distinguished from other processes through a written commitment by all participants to avoid court intervention as well as to proceed in the best interest of the entire family including the children. The structured process favors a facilitated and informed, "client driven" settlement. In this way the clients maintain power and control in directing the course of their future and that of the children. All issues related to or arising from the divorce may be settled through the Collaborative process. Because these agreements are ultimately generated by the clients themselves, in most cases they contain within them, the seeds of stability and longevity.

As a point of departure, the collaborative process requires open, honest and transparent disclosure from the parties. All Collaborative team members are trained in the collaborative process and all professional participants are focused on the priorities of both clients and the interest of the family as a whole.

I have extensive training and experience in the Collaborative Divorce process, Mediation techniques, and interest based negotiation. With my comprehensive experience in family law, the divorce process, mediation and interest based negotiation, I bring added advantage in working with other lawyers to create "win-win" options. In my opinion, Collaborative Divorce is also a superior process where used as intended.

Litigation as a Last Resort

My preference and bias for my client is to settle their respective concerns without the stress, time delays and exhorbitant expenses of a court battle. Nevertheless, if mediation or other collaborative processes do not resonate with you any reason, We are still able to represent you in court. The many years of both litigation and mediation experiences will help bring your case to a speedier and more satisfactory conclusion. Ask us about attorney court representation in either limited scope, unbundled or full serivce capacity.

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If you want to resolve your family law disputes without the emotional injuries and exahorbitant financial costs of litigation, contact me to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your divorce options. My offices are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

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